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Footwear Friends Annual Awards final


Footwear Friends Annual Awards 2016



The Footwear Friends Annual Awards are now in their tenth year and are now established as one of the key awards for developing British Design talent.


Footwear Friends, your industry charity is now in it's 180 th year continuing its support of those most in need.


These sponsored Awards enable Footwear Friends in recognising young entrepreneurs who are the future lifeblood of the industry.


The Awards for 2016 are:


The Worshipful Company of Cordwainers

Award for Innovation/ Entrepreneurship of £5000,  is to further Designers/Entrepreneurs business expertise.  Additionally there is a twelve-month tailored mentoring programme  by industry specialists.


The Micro-Pak Ltd Award of £2,500

This award is to assist the development of exceptional British talent. The Award also includes a mentoring programme


The Meltzer Travel Award of £750 – assists the winner in attending key Trade Shows.  Donated by Philip Meltzer in memory of Joe Meltzer. The Award also includes a mentoring programme.


The BFA/FN PLATFORM Award- the winner of this award is given the opportunity to show their emerging brand on a sponsored stand at the USA's premier footwear show - FN PLATFORM in Las Vegas in February 2016. This prize also includes individual promotion of the winning brand via FN PLATFORM media and social media with links to US bloggers.


The Colvanbridge Ltd Award for Travel of £ 750 - this new award also assists with the cost of traveling to trade shows and exhibitions.


The Society of Shoe Fitters Award - this Award consists of a footwear and shoefitting course run by the Society of Shoefitters worth £ 500.


About the Awards

LICC, St. Peter's Church, London

October 19th, 2016


LICC, St. Peter's Church, London

October 19th, 2016

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